Product Design Lead - Freelance

Tokyo, Japan



Here at ustwo, we’re renowned for crafting amazing digital experiences. Whether for our roster of international clients and partners, or for our homegrown ventures, we build products/services with users at the very heart of our approach.

As the world changes around us, the challenges our clients are asking us to take on are becoming more fundamental, more strategic, and more vital than ever to the success of their organisations. We’re not simply building digital propositions, but challenging the core purpose and principles of the organisations we help.

The role of design in this process is evolving; a solution that both delights and engages the user often means being prepared for trade offs to ensure that the right product goes to market.

For this role you will be involved in every aspect of the product development process, with a particular focus on research/opportunity discovery and iterating concepts. You will also take the concepts through testing, bringing them to life, advocating the user needs throughout.

Expect to work with a smart and caring cross-discipline team, delivering at speed that sees the client very much integrated within this team composition.

About the freelance assignment:

The assignment runs through the end of June. The role will be based in Tokyo for the duration of the assignment. All applicants should be fluent in both Japanese and English.

About the project:

We're working with a Travel Service provider in Japan to improve their new-hire journey — equipping their workforce with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to make membership come to life for their customers. Our work will result in the framework and engagement plan for a new-hire curriculum, and ongoing advisement as their learning development team designs and implements these materials and activities.

募集ポジション: 戦略にフォーカスしたデジタルプロダクトデザイナー/リード(フリーランス契約)



このプロセスにおけるデザインの役割は進化しています; ユーザーを喜ばせ、巻き込むソリューションは、正しい製品を市場に出すためにトレードオフに備えなければならないことを意味します。

デジタルプロダクトデザイナーは製品開発プロセスの全ての面に関わり、特にリサーチ/機会の発見およびコンセプトをイテレートすることにフォーカスします。 また、コンセプトをテストし、命を吹き込み、全体を通じてユーザーのニーズの代弁者になります。






私たちは、日本の旅行サービスプロバイダー企業とともに、新人教育を改善する取り組みをしています。彼らのカスタマーである会員を満足させるための知識やスキル、行動を教えるためのシステムを作ります。 彼らの教育開発チームが教材とアクティビティをデザインし実行するので、私たちの仕事は、新人教育カリキュラム、その広告のための枠組と実践プランのデザインとなる予定です。


What you'll do:

Aside from having a portfolio that demonstrates your breadth of cross-platform work and design process, you are;




Above anything else we are a people centred company that strives to create the best opportunities for the best people in the industry. We also have great tools for learning and sharing. Competitive day rates offered based on experience.

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