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Here at ustwo, we’re renowned for crafting amazing digital experiences. Whether for our roster of international clients and partners, or for our homegrown ventures, we build products/services with users at the very heart of our approach.

As the world changes around us, the challenges our clients are asking us to take on are becoming more fundamental, more strategic, and more vital than ever to the success of their organisations. We’re not simply building digital propositions, but challenging the core purpose and principles of the organisations we help.

The role of design in this process is evolving; a solution that both delights and engages the user often means being prepared for trade offs to ensure that the right product goes to market.

As a Product Designer at ustwo you will be involved in every aspect of the product development process, with a particular focus on research/opportunity discovery and iterating concepts. You will also take the concepts through testing, bringing them to life, advocating the user needs throughout.

Expect to work with a smart and caring cross-discipline team, delivering at speed that sees the client very much integrated within this team composition.


Design and conduct user research sessions (qualitative and quantitative) to gain an understanding of user attitudes and behaviours; gather insights and use analytics and/or liaise with accordant experts to identify user needs, wants and behaviours and design requirements and rapidly synthesise, iterate and test again.

Use both desk research and user/behavioural insights to identify opportunity spaces that can be used to ideate upon.

Confidently generate concepts from insights and be able to communicate the benefits and value of them succinctly, through artefacts like sketches, user flows, wireframes and prototypes where appropriate.

Choose suitable tools and methodologies to achieve the project goals in a fast-paced, changing environment.

Adapt and propose alternative approaches based on research findings, when necessary, and be comfortable navigating the uncertainty of rapid discovery.

Validate design concepts by eliciting user feedback, building to learn, measuring desirability, considering market analysis, and balancing technical constraints/opportunities.

Engage clients, stakeholders and your team to ensure proposed design fits business goals, long term strategy and technical constraints in addition to user needs.

Understand and (where appropriate) challenge business requirements or assumptions to champion user needs, as a way to further promote product and market strategy.

Foster a collaborative "One Team" approach between ustwo and clients/partners by engaging in an open and transparent working relationship.

Take clients/partners on the discovery journey, teaching and skill sharing throughout the project.


Aside from having a portfolio that demonstrates your breadth of cross-platform work and design process, you are;

  • Conceptual. Highly comfortable ideating new product and service idea from scratch, based on clear business goals and user needs.
  • Current in your practice. As well as being an expert in user-centred design, testing, research usability principles, techniques and methodologies, you keep up with the latest trends in design and technology.
  • Insightful. You analyse user problems and design solutions that meet measurable business goals and requirements. You understand how to position products and services in line with brand and market.
  • Adaptable. You thrive in ambiguity and are comfortable switching contexts and able to apply design practice across a range of industries and different deliverables and goals. You are as comfortable working on product and opportunity discovery work as you are iterating towards market launch.
  • Highly Collaborative. Able to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers and product managers using Agile and Lean principles.
  • Passionate about innovating through design. Bringing original thinking, strong design practice and advocating for the user.
  • Think holistically about the big picture when designing a product, whilst being detail oriented and delivery focused.
  • A clear communicator. Capable conveying ideas and break down concepts clearly to a diverse range of stakeholders (verbally and written).
  • Open to sharing. Whether that be your thoughts, ideas and work in-progress.
  • Want to grow. You seek out opportunities to learn, advocating good feedback with those who you work with.
  • Resilient. Can remain calm and focused under pressure and work in a dynamic and fast-moving environment.
  • Able to travel, from time to time, when required and with advance planning.

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