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ustwo is looking for a talented Technical Artist to join the team in our New York studio. We are currently open to both contractors and full-time.

As a studio, we stay ahead of the curve of new technologies. We work with the world’s leading technology companies to produce ground breaking, imaginative and meaningful experiences that connect new technologies to a mass audience. We are inspired by discovering what's possible, but never do tech for tech's sake. We are focused on strong concepts and experiences first.

To do this, we structure our team around versatile designers who have wide skill sets, and are constantly developing, broadening and deepening their skills and process knowledge. Our designers are confident, and multi-faceted, collaborating across all disciplines involved in the product and service development process.

Currently we have a range of work applying AR and VR technologies to a range of groundbreaking new experiences.


You should have a strong background as a technical artist (or in closely related field) and be inspired by the opportunity to work on a range of challenging problems within a mission driven team.

As a successful Technical Artist at ustwo, you’ll get your hands dirty tackling detailed work yourself, while working within a tight team of artists, designers and developers to conceptualize, visualize and bring ideas to life in the hands of real users. We work across the product development process - collaborating closely to define, build, and iterate solutions for our fantastic clients and partners.

The average day will be a mixture of ideation as a team, as well as individual exploration and execution of ideas. Therefore, you should feel comfortable with creative ownership. Our design process is non-linear and we’re always aiming to validate the core user experience of a concept before building out the whole experience. You’ll be able to go through entire design processes in projects, from initial idea to play testing, design iterations and shipping the experience.

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